Going Somewhere? Take the New 2023 Canyon AT4X Off-Roader

The New 2023 Canyon AT4X Off-Roader | Motor Inn of Spirit Lake | Spirit Lake, IA

If there’s no clear path between your destination and current location, you may want to take a look at this. GMC has unveiled the new 2023 Canyon AT4X off-roader, a high-performance variant of its successful midsize pickup truck.

The Canyon AT4X is purpose-built to be a no-compromises, premium off-road truck. It has a higher factory lift than any other Canyon trim and a wide array of serious off-road equipment, helping you reach your destination no matter what stands in the way.

It has a 2.7-liter turbocharged engine under the hood, 10.7 inches of ground clearance, and a 36.9-degree approach angle. Under the off-road front bumper, complete with a safari bar, is a winch for hauling and lifting lesser vehicles out of trouble.

Every 2023 Canyon AT4X comes standard with 33-inch MT tires, multimatic DSSV dampers, underbody skid plates, front and rear electronic locking differentials, and an AT4X-exclusive Baja drive mode. It also has a 30-inch off-road light bar as well as redesigned LED headlights, fog lights, and daytime running lights, to better enhance visibility in remote areas.

“GMC is flexing the might of our off-road muscle,” said GMC global vice president Duncan Aldred. “Canyon benefits from key learnings gained from our AT4 strategy to bring customers the most advanced off-road midsize truck.”

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Ford Reveals 2023 Bronco Heritage Edition Models | Spirit Lake, IA

2023 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition Models |  Motor Inn of Spirit Lake| Spirit Lake, IA

Ford is going on a trip through time with its new Heritage Edition models for both the 2023 Bronco and the 2023 Bronco Sport. Both of the sporty SUVs will be offered with retro badging and vintage-styled two-tone color schemes, helping their drivers stand out in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

The Bronco Heritage Edition models each feature an Oxford White roof and grille, contrasting beautifully with the available exterior color options: Robin’s Egg Blue, Peak Blue, and Yellowstone Metallic. The BRONCO lettering, in red, is another nice throwback touch.

“With these new Heritage and Heritage Limited editions, we’re paying respect to Bronco’s roots with nods to some of the signature design cues from the first-generation vehicle, while continuing to build the Bronco Brand with more special editions that our customers want,” says Ford Bronco Marketing Manager Mark Grueber.

You’ll be able to choose between two versions of these special models: Heritage Edition and Heritage Limited Edition. And while they do a lot to stand out visually, they also come with rugged, off-road performance-enhancing features — including the awesome Terrain Management System™ with G.O.A.T. Modes™.

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Toyota Crown Premium Sedan Returns to U.S.

2023 Toyota Crown | Spirit Lake, IA

The Toyota Crown has long been the automaker’s most luxurious sedan, but for nearly five decades, it hasn’t been sold in the United States. That changes with the 2023 Toyota Crown, which replaces the outgoing Avalon and looks to set a new standard of luxury for full-size sedans.

Synonymous with high-end opulence, the new Toyota Crown will feature a truly impressive roster of premium amenities. It will be the comfiest and most technologically advanced Toyota sedan you can buy thanks to a first-class cabin with full-leather upholstery, ventilated and heated seats, wireless connectivity, cloud-based navigation, an 11-speaker JBL® sound system, and standard 12.3-inch touch-screen display. That’s on top of a smart AI assistant and the company’s most advanced suite of driver-assistance technologies.

Under the hood, it will have one of two available hybrid powertrains, both featuring standard all-wheel drive. One is the fourth-generation Toyota Hybrid System while the other is a high-performance HYBRID MAX powertrain expected to put out 340 net horsepower. The automaker estimates the Crown will achieve a combined 38 miles per gallon.

The 2023 Crown will also have a unique look thanks to a high-riding platform and exclusive two-tone exterior paint options. It blurs the line between sedan and crossover, such that even Toyota calls it a premium sedan with a “higher ride-height design.” In all, it’s totally unique, and can be expected to offer great road visibility.

For more auto industry news, or to get behind the wheel of a new-to-you Toyota, stay tuned to the Motor Inn of Spirit Lake blog or visit our showroom in Spirit Lake, Iowa!

Reese Witherspoon Helms Buick’s New ‘Dream With Us’ Ad Campaign

Buick Wildcat EV | Spirit Lake, IA

Oscar-winning actress and producer Reese Witherspoon is collaborating with Buick as part of the automaker’s latest ad campaign, titled “Dream With Us.” The new campaign’s first 90-second spot features the high-tech Buick Wildcat EV concept and highlights what life could look like for Buick vehicle owners in the future.

As Witherspoon narrates, the Wildcat EV autonomously picks her up and changes color based on her outfit. Once she is inside, the car uses augmented reality technology to create the illusion of a relaxing woodland setting while it drives itself to her destination. As the ad continues, it shows other smart technologies that Buick marketing vice president Molly Peck says it has “not committed to for production but help convey our vision for the future of Buick ownership.”

Reese Witherspoon and Buick are collaborating via Hello Sunshine, the media company the actress founded to put women at the center of every story it creates. That makes Witherspoon uniquely well placed to work with Buick, as 56% of all vehicle sales it makes are to women — more than any other car brand by a substantial margin.

“With the largest percentage share of female buyers in the auto industry, we know that more and more women are making vehicle-buying decisions and we’re thinking creatively about how to offer experiences tailored to them,” Peck explained.

Visit Motor Inn of Spirit Lake, Iowa, to learn more about advanced Buick technologies and how its current models can meet your needs — even if they might not quite deliver the same cool factor as the Wildcat EV!

What the Lincoln Star Concept Means for Future of EVs

2022 Lincoln | Spirit Lake, IA

The Lincoln Star Concept is the start of a new era for the American luxury brand. In addition to being the evolution of Lincoln’s Quiet Flight design language, it also serves as the starting point for a new line of all-electric Lincoln vehicles. The Star Concept will be the basis for four new EVs that Lincoln plans to have launched by the end of 2026.

According to Lincoln, EVs present a major opportunity when it comes to design. EV propulsion systems are more compact than that of traditional combustion-powered cars. In other words, a lot of the space typically reserved for engine and transmission components can be repurposed — but to do so requires a dedicated EV platform, not just an EV sharing a platform with non-EVs.

Future Lincoln EVs will do exactly that, and the Star Concept is intended to show the ensuing possibilities. “Electrification is removing many traditional vehicle design constraints, allowing us to reimagine what a vehicle can be,” says Anthony Lo, chief design officer for the Ford Motor Company. “The Lincoln Star is a study of experiences and themes that push the boundaries of Lincoln design — and it’s just the start.”

The Lincoln Star Concept is truly ambitious, with features like lounge-like reclining rear seats made possible only by the extra space an EV can provide. It also has illuminated crystallines and a scent delivery system — just in case you were worried the next-gen Lincoln cars weren’t going to be outrageously luxurious.

For more Lincoln news and information about all things automotive, stay tuned to our blog and visit Motor Inn of Spirit Lake, Iowa!

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