How Often Should You Change Your Car’s Engine Oil in Spirit Lake, IA?

Oil Change | Spirit Lake, IA

Whatever vehicle you drive, its engine depends on oil to operate properly. If you don’t flush and refill the motor oil on a regular basis, it can become grimy and cause the mechanical components to work harder — potentially leading to permanent damage. To ensure you change your car’s engine oil as often as you should be, here’s a quick guide from the service experts at Motor Inn of Spirit Lake.

Start with the owner’s manual

The frequency of motor oil changes varies from brand to brand — and even model to model. Engines of different sizes, designs, and capabilities require fresh oil at different intervals. So, the most trustworthy source of this information is inside the owner’s manual for your specific model.

There are many reasons to read the owner’s manual, and one of those is determining how often to change your car’s engine oil — whether that’s every 3,000 miles, every 8,000 miles, or somewhere in between.

Then, consider external factors

Your car’s owner’s manual provides a guide that gives you the standard suggested interval for the model you’re driving. If you drive in strenuous circumstances on a recurring basis, though, that interval should be shorter due to the extra strain on the engine. Some examples include:

  • You only drive short distances frequently at low speeds
  • You tow a trailer or haul heavy loads on a regular basis
  • You drive on dirt or gravel roads as much as on paved streets

And pick the best for your car

Your car’s dependance on clean motor oil can chance over the years as it becomes older. High-mileage vehicles require special engine oil that’s flushed more frequently, so make sure you choose the right product for your specific car. We always suggest paying the extra money and using synthetic oil.

When your car needs an oil change, bring it to Motor Inn of Spirit Lake. Our service center will fill it with fresh fluids so you’re back on the road right away.

Fall Car Care Tips for Drivers in Spirit Lake, IA

Windshield Wipers | Spirit Lake, IA

Can you believe that autumn is already returning in Spirit Lake, Iowa? It seems like 2021 just began, and already the seasons are changing this month. To prepare your car for colder temperatures and slick, leaf-covered streets, make sure you follow these fall car care tips.

Inspect the battery

A battery can lose its charge over time — especially if you don’t drive your car very often. As fall arrives, take a minute to check your car battery’s charge to ensure it still has enough juice to start the engine. While you’re under the hood, take a minute to clean off the terminals so there isn’t any corrosive residue.

If your car’s battery is more than four years old, it’s wise to preemptively buy a new battery at Spirit Inn of Motor Lake.

Clean the headlights

It’s important to have the road ahead of you illuminated at night and when it’s raining. To ensure you see the street clearly, scrub the headlamp lenses to remove any grime or cloudiness. While you’re at it, wipe off the brake light lenses too. And if you notice any burnt bulbs, get those replaced ASAP.

Replace the wipers

It tends to rain a lot during autumn here in Spirit Lake, so make sure your car’s windshield wiper blades are clean, soft, and pliable. If they looked cracked or brittle, or if they leave streaks across the glass, it’s time to replace them with a set of new blades.

Check the tires

Tires with low tread depth take a longer distance to stop than one with deep tread. If your car’s tires have worn down and are nearly bald, it’s imperative to your safety that you buy a set of new tires that provide the traction and stability necessary for driving on leaf-covered roads.

Start autumn on the right foot by bringing your car for a maintenance checkup here at Motor Inn of Spirit Lake. Our technicians will give it a thorough inspection to ensure it’s ready for the more dangerous driving conditions this year.

Top Family-Friendly Car Accessories for Parents in Spirit Lake, IA

Family-Friendly Car Accessories | Spirit Lake, IA

Want to make your vehicle safer, more comfortable, and entertaining for your children? Buy some family-friendly car accessories! If you own a sedan, SUV, or minivan here in Spirit Lake, we think you’re going to enjoy having these three aftermarket products for your toddler or teenager.

Sun shade

If your car doesn’t come with a built-in sun shade, you absolutely should buy one. In addition to keeping your children from overheating in the bright Iowa sun or from being woken up during a nap. There are many brands and style that can fit your car’s window and be mounted with ease.

Seat organizers

Riding with a caravan of kids means the cabin will be overflowing with loose items like toys, snack cups, food wrappers, cups, and crayons. Minimize the mess by equipping your car with over-the-seat organizers. They hang behind the front-row seats and provide easy access to stow and retrieve small items.

Seat belt strap covers

If you take a lot of road trips to Minnesota and are on the road for extended periods, the seat belt can become very uncomfortable, with the stiff fabric rubbing against everyone’s necks and shoulders. Provide some comfort for you and your kids by wrapping the seat belts in soft, padded belt straps. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference they make.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly vehicle, you’ll find dozens of different models from trusted American brands for sale here at Motor Inn of Spirit Lake. Check out our wide selection of new and used SUVs, vans, and cars.

Most Pet-Friendly Models Sold at Motor Inn of Spirit Lake

Pet-Friendly Models | Spirit Lake, IA

Whether you’re driving around town here in Spirit Lake, Iowa, or taking a road trip across the border to Minnesota, any time you spend in the car is better when your pet rides along with you. However, it’s important that you choose a model that provides the space and safety necessary for transporting a pet. Here are some vehicles suggestions we’d make for families in Spirit Lake.

Ford Edge

While it’s not the largest SUV in the Ford lineup, the Edge is a good option for small families with pets because it provides generous seating space for kids in the second row and enough room in the back for a sizable animal transport crate.

GMC Acadia

Stylish and capable, the GMC Acadia is a true sport utility vehicle that boasts plenty of standard safety features — which are expected from GMC as a premium brand. Its V6 engine has the strength to tow a camper or RV so you can spend some time in nature with your furry hiking buddy.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you love the outdoors, you’re going to love the Grand Cherokee — and so is your pet! Featuring the signature Jeep 4×4 System, the Grand Cherokee is the largest SUV in the brand’s capable lineup. Its newest version generation provides three rows of seating, which gives you plenty of cabin space for your pup. Plus, the Grand Cherokee’s traction and stability features ensure your pet isn’t jostled around on bumpy roads.

If you’re interested in buying one of these pet-friendly models to keep your four-legged friend safe, come to Motor Inn of Spirit Lake and see what we have in stock. We have these and other models in stock new or pre-owned

Tips for Saving Fuel and Getting Better Gas Mileage

Tips for Saving Fuel and Getting Better Gas Mileage | Spirit Lake, IA

It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving an old truck that you’ve had for 10 years or a brand-new crossover — you can take steps to get more bang for your buck at the pump. If you follow a few key steps for getting better gas mileage, you can save money and time in the long run.

Don’t rush

If you’re the type who punches the pedal when the light turns green, you may as well be throwing money out the window. Harsh acceleration and sudden braking are major causes of inefficiency, and some of the easiest habits to correct. Accelerate and come to a stop gradually — your wallet will thank you.

Stay under the speed limit

Following the posted speed limit isn’t just safe and legal — it’s also better for your fuel economy. For every 5 mph you drive over 50 mph, you’re basically paying an extra 26 cents a gallon. Think about how much that shakes out to over the course of a year and how else you could be using that money.

Don’t sit idly by

Older vehicles may not have automatic stop/start technology, but you can still get into the habit of manually turning off the engine when idling. When you sit idly with the engine running, you’re getting fuel economy of 0 mpg. It’s much more efficient to turn the engine off and on again if you’ll be sitting at a standstill for more than a minute.

Another great way to get better gas mileage? Upgrading to a more efficient new vehicle at Motor Inn of Spirit Lake. Check out our selection of efficient hybrid and electric vehicles online and schedule a test drive to learn more.