Reese Witherspoon Helms Buick’s New ‘Dream With Us’ Ad Campaign

Buick Wildcat EV | Spirit Lake, IA

Oscar-winning actress and producer Reese Witherspoon is collaborating with Buick as part of the automaker’s latest ad campaign, titled “Dream With Us.” The new campaign’s first 90-second spot features the high-tech Buick Wildcat EV concept and highlights what life could look like for Buick vehicle owners in the future.

As Witherspoon narrates, the Wildcat EV autonomously picks her up and changes color based on her outfit. Once she is inside, the car uses augmented reality technology to create the illusion of a relaxing woodland setting while it drives itself to her destination. As the ad continues, it shows other smart technologies that Buick marketing vice president Molly Peck says it has “not committed to for production but help convey our vision for the future of Buick ownership.”

Reese Witherspoon and Buick are collaborating via Hello Sunshine, the media company the actress founded to put women at the center of every story it creates. That makes Witherspoon uniquely well placed to work with Buick, as 56% of all vehicle sales it makes are to women — more than any other car brand by a substantial margin.

“With the largest percentage share of female buyers in the auto industry, we know that more and more women are making vehicle-buying decisions and we’re thinking creatively about how to offer experiences tailored to them,” Peck explained.

Visit Motor Inn of Spirit Lake, Iowa, to learn more about advanced Buick technologies and how its current models can meet your needs — even if they might not quite deliver the same cool factor as the Wildcat EV!

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