What the Lincoln Star Concept Means for Future of EVs

2022 Lincoln | Spirit Lake, IA

The Lincoln Star Concept is the start of a new era for the American luxury brand. In addition to being the evolution of Lincoln’s Quiet Flight design language, it also serves as the starting point for a new line of all-electric Lincoln vehicles. The Star Concept will be the basis for four new EVs that Lincoln plans to have launched by the end of 2026.

According to Lincoln, EVs present a major opportunity when it comes to design. EV propulsion systems are more compact than that of traditional combustion-powered cars. In other words, a lot of the space typically reserved for engine and transmission components can be repurposed — but to do so requires a dedicated EV platform, not just an EV sharing a platform with non-EVs.

Future Lincoln EVs will do exactly that, and the Star Concept is intended to show the ensuing possibilities. “Electrification is removing many traditional vehicle design constraints, allowing us to reimagine what a vehicle can be,” says Anthony Lo, chief design officer for the Ford Motor Company. “The Lincoln Star is a study of experiences and themes that push the boundaries of Lincoln design — and it’s just the start.”

The Lincoln Star Concept is truly ambitious, with features like lounge-like reclining rear seats made possible only by the extra space an EV can provide. It also has illuminated crystallines and a scent delivery system — just in case you were worried the next-gen Lincoln cars weren’t going to be outrageously luxurious.

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