Top Family-Friendly Car Accessories for Parents in Spirit Lake, IA

Family-Friendly Car Accessories | Spirit Lake, IA

Want to make your vehicle safer, more comfortable, and entertaining for your children? Buy some family-friendly car accessories! If you own a sedan, SUV, or minivan here in Spirit Lake, we think you’re going to enjoy having these three aftermarket products for your toddler or teenager.

Sun shade

If your car doesn’t come with a built-in sun shade, you absolutely should buy one. In addition to keeping your children from overheating in the bright Iowa sun or from being woken up during a nap. There are many brands and style that can fit your car’s window and be mounted with ease.

Seat organizers

Riding with a caravan of kids means the cabin will be overflowing with loose items like toys, snack cups, food wrappers, cups, and crayons. Minimize the mess by equipping your car with over-the-seat organizers. They hang behind the front-row seats and provide easy access to stow and retrieve small items.

Seat belt strap covers

If you take a lot of road trips to Minnesota and are on the road for extended periods, the seat belt can become very uncomfortable, with the stiff fabric rubbing against everyone’s necks and shoulders. Provide some comfort for you and your kids by wrapping the seat belts in soft, padded belt straps. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference they make.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly vehicle, you’ll find dozens of different models from trusted American brands for sale here at Motor Inn of Spirit Lake. Check out our wide selection of new and used SUVs, vans, and cars.

Important Features for One-Car Families

Important Features for One-Car Families | Spirit Lake, IA

If you are in the market for a family-friendly car that can please all the drivers in your household, then you need to focus on a few key features. At Motor Inn of Spirit Lake, we have plenty of incredible options to satisfy the needs of one-car families.

Comfort settings

When you share a vehicle with another driver or drivers, you will appreciate the convenience of memory settings for the driver’s seat. This feature helps eliminate time wasted fussing with your seat when you are headed out to work or out on an errand.

Safety systems for young drivers

Anytime you hand over your keys to your teen driver is a nerve-wracking experience. Help eliminate some of the stress with a vehicle that has teen driver controls. This system can monitor your teen’s driving habits so you can learn what skills he needs strengthen.

Modern technologies

Staying connected on the road or entertained via smartphone, tablet, or computer is important to everyone in your family. Make sure they can all sync, connect, or charge their devices in a vehicle that boasts an ample amount of USB ports.

Temperature controls

Even if you are family, most likely you don’t agree on a lot, especially what temperature the cabin should be. A vehicle that boasts multiple zones for climate control can go a long way in helping your crew stay comfortable on every journey.

Visit Motor Inn of Spirit Lake to get a closer look at our inventory of family-friendly vehicles.

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