How Often Should You Change Your Car’s Engine Oil in Spirit Lake, IA?

Oil Change | Spirit Lake, IA

Whatever vehicle you drive, its engine depends on oil to operate properly. If you don’t flush and refill the motor oil on a regular basis, it can become grimy and cause the mechanical components to work harder — potentially leading to permanent damage. To ensure you change your car’s engine oil as often as you should be, here’s a quick guide from the service experts at Motor Inn of Spirit Lake.

Start with the owner’s manual

The frequency of motor oil changes varies from brand to brand — and even model to model. Engines of different sizes, designs, and capabilities require fresh oil at different intervals. So, the most trustworthy source of this information is inside the owner’s manual for your specific model.

There are many reasons to read the owner’s manual, and one of those is determining how often to change your car’s engine oil — whether that’s every 3,000 miles, every 8,000 miles, or somewhere in between.

Then, consider external factors

Your car’s owner’s manual provides a guide that gives you the standard suggested interval for the model you’re driving. If you drive in strenuous circumstances on a recurring basis, though, that interval should be shorter due to the extra strain on the engine. Some examples include:

  • You only drive short distances frequently at low speeds
  • You tow a trailer or haul heavy loads on a regular basis
  • You drive on dirt or gravel roads as much as on paved streets

And pick the best for your car

Your car’s dependance on clean motor oil can chance over the years as it becomes older. High-mileage vehicles require special engine oil that’s flushed more frequently, so make sure you choose the right product for your specific car. We always suggest paying the extra money and using synthetic oil.

When your car needs an oil change, bring it to Motor Inn of Spirit Lake. Our service center will fill it with fresh fluids so you’re back on the road right away.

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